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Master Calendar

Want to see your team schedule? Click "SHOW TAG MENU" and scroll down to your team or other appropriate check the box. For example, if you're looking for Squirt B1, place a check by that team. If you want to see more than one team at a time, check the box next to each team you want to see.  If you're specifically looking for Tryouts, check the Tryouts box. For association events - select the "News & Events" Tag!

Note: if there are many events scheduled for one day, the calendar will show a "more events" link at the bottom of the day in the calendar month view.

Mites | Mini-mites

Select the appropriate Mite group tag (eg. Mite 3) to see schedule for that group.  Mites and Mini-Mites will start on October 5.


Publishing Dates
As of 8/28/14 ice scheduling is under way and will be posted ASAP.

Ice for September / October: posted 
Ice for November: posted 
Ice for December /January: posted 
Ice for February / March: posted 
Please note that these are approximate deadlines and every effort will be made to post ice schedules sooner.

For more information see the Ice Scheduling page.

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Ical_event_iconMWHA Walk-in Registration
  • 5:30pm-7:00pm cdt
  • Thaler Arena Conference Room
  • Event Category: Meeting, Game
Ical_event_iconMWHA Board of Directors Meeting
  • 7:00pm-9:30pm cdt
  • BOD meeting follows walk-in registration

  • Thaler Arena Conference Room
  • Event Category: Meeting, Game